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For Families

  • For family members/loved ones of someone living with a mental illness.
  • Meets four times a month throughout the county.


NAMI Family Support Group is a peer-led support group for family members, caregivers and loved ones of individuals living with mental illness. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar circumstances.

NAMI’s Support Groups are unique because they follow a structured model, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard and to get what they need.

  • Free of cost to participants
  • Designed for adult loved ones (18+) of individuals living with mental illness
  • Led by family members of individuals living with mental illness
  • Meets weekly or monthly
  • No specific medical therapy or medication is endorsed or recommended
  • Confidential

By sharing your experiences in a safe and confidential setting, you gain hope and develop supportive relationships. This group allows your voice to be heard, and provides an opportunity for your personal needs to be met. It encourages empathy, productive discussion and a sense of community. You’ll benefit through other’s experiences, discover your inner strength and learn now to identify local resources and how to use them.

The NAMI Family-to Family Education Program is a 12 week course for families and friends of individuals with serious mental illness. The course is led by trained family members who have lived with this experience and is designed to facilitate a better understanding of mental illness, increase coping skills and empower participants to become advocates for their family members. All course materials are furnished at no cost to you; however, we do require registration and a commitment to attend all classes.

Many family members describe the impact of this program as life changing. Join thousands of families just like yours who have gained insight, information and understanding through this course.

Family-to-Family Course Topics include:
  1. Family responses to the trauma of mental illness.
  2. Schizophrenia, major depression, and mania: Diagnosis and dealing with critical periods.
  3. Depression and Bipolar subtypes; Panic disorder; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Borderline Personality Disorder; Co-occurring brain and addictive disorders.
  4. The biology of the brain: Emerging scientific discoveries.
  5. Problem-solving workshop.
  6. Medication review.
  7. Understanding the inner experience of having a mental illness.
  8. Communication skills workshop.
  9. Self-care, relative group testimony.
  10. Rehabilitation, services available.
  11. Advocacy, fighting stigma.
  12. Celebration & certification ceremony.


NAMI Basics is a free, six-session program designed for parents and other family caregivers of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties. NAMI Basics helps parents and other family caregivers of children to understand the illnesses that are causing those behavioral difficulties, and the critical role families play in the treatment of those illnesses.

The program is taught by trained teachers who are also the parents or family caregivers of individuals who experienced emotional or behavioral difficulties prior to age 13.

Family Testimonials

“This is such a great step by step program that walks parents every step of the way. It is as if you are holding their hand through it all.”

“The course is inclusive of almost all aspects of family and child resources. I could have spent a lifetime getting all this information on my own. I feel supported, strong and ready to go forward.”

“NAMI Basics bridges the gap. It provides help that can’t be found in a doctor’s office.”

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