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Pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth in 2020

The 2020 elections are fast approaching. While local races might be different, across the country, one issue is on every ballot: mental health.

That’s why we need you to join us and pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth this fall.

Once elected, your policymakers make decisions on policies that directly impact mental health care in your community. Your vote can send a clear message that mental health matters.


Will you pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth?


Join us. Together, we can make a difference for the millions of people in this country affected by mental health conditions. We won’t tell you how to vote—that decision is yours. But, we’ll provide information on how to ask candidates about their positions on important issues, updates on how you can cast your ballot, and reminders for key voting dates in your state. 

Take the first step. Pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth.

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