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NAMI Resolution Condemning Racism

As the resolution states, NAMI is strongly committed to the principle that all individuals, including communities of color and people with mental illness, should be treated with respect and dignity and deserve equitable health outcomes and full inclusion.

We must not simply condemn racism and call it a day. NAMI, in order to fulfill our mission, must be actively anti-racist. To that end, we must continue to fight to eliminate the mental health disparities perpetuated by racism and racial discrimination. We must continue to spread awareness about the negative psychological, social, educational and economic effects caused by racism. We must continue to work to provide culturally competent services to those experiencing a mental health condition and to those who love them.

But we also recognize that in order to change the outside world, we must begin within our own. We need to educate ourselves, acknowledge systemic racism and the role we play in it. We have to own where we have failed and recommit ourselves to do better.

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