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Balancing Expectations with Mental Health
Read Michelle’s story of how expectations from her family impacted her mental health journey and recovery.
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Stories of Psychosis

Finding Courage and Progress
In an interview, Taraji P. Henson talks about her father’s strength in the face of mental illness and making it safe for all of us to speak openly about mental health.
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Why We Need More Culturally Competent Therapists
“I realized some time ago that no matter how much mental health service I received, those who were providing therapy were not always culturally competent.”
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Mental Health Challenges in Immigrant Communities
“My quintessential hard-working immigrant success story still does not address a very important factor: I live with bipolar disorder. The mental health challenges that immigrants face are the part of this story that need to be addressed.”
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Racial Disparities in Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System
People of color with mental illness face disparities both in the criminal justice system and in mental health care. Learn the facts.
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