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September 25, 2019

Too many lives are cut short by suicide. The national suicide crisis is affecting our friends, our families, and our communities. And tragically, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people ages 10-34.

The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act, H.R. 4194, is a bipartisan bill that would create an easy-to-remember 3-digit number as the nationwide hotline for suicide prevention and mental health crisis*. This number will make it easier for people in the U.S. experiencing a Read More

    8/16/2019 Yesterday, President Trump revisited his statements about reopening mental “institutions” and perpetuated false stereotypes. Two weeks ago, the president also called people with mental illness “monsters.”

    In response, National Alliance on Mental Illness Acting CEO Angela Kimball released the following statement:

    “The president should be talking about better care and earlier access to intensive treatment, not revisiting the shameful institutions of our past.

    “Words matter, Mr. President. ‘These people’ are our friends, neighbors, children, spouses. They’re not ‘monsters,’ ‘the mentally ill’ or ‘crazy Read More


    NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred over the weekend in Texas and Ohio. These mass shootings are far too common and impact every corner of our nation. Every time we experience a tragedy like this, people with mental illness are drawn into the conversation. The truth is that the vast majority of violence is not perpetrated by people with mental illness. Statements to the contrary only serve to perpetuate stigma Read More

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    Finding Courage and Progress In an interview, Taraji P. Henson talks about her father’s strength in the face of mental illness and making it safe for all of us to speak openly about mental health. Read More »

    Why We Need More Culturally Competent Therapists “I realized some Read More


    NAMI is deeply disappointed in today’s U.S. District court ruling regarding ACAP v. Treasury, in which Judge Richard Leon upheld the Administration’s regulation allowing for the sale of Short-Term, Limited Duration (STLD) plans as a substitute for comprehensive health insurance. This rule will harm patients and their families because STLD plans can deny both coverage and care for people with mental health conditions. The following statement is provided by Angela Kimball, acting CEO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):

    “NAMI has spent decades fighting Read More

    NAMI is committed to improving the lives of people impacted by mental health conditions through effective treatments, equitable public policies, and greater knowledge and understanding in society. Research is essential to advance each of these goals. When NAMI is approached to be involved in research of any type, at any level, we take it very seriously. NAMI’s medical director, Dr. Ken Duckworth and Director of Information & Support Dr. Teri Brister thoroughly review the research protocols and methodology and the documentation Read More

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